Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We have all your Keyword research needs are near to become fulfilled. We are going to keep things straight forward. For ranking on the first page, you need to know user search intent and behavior otherwise you’re wasting your time and money with search engines.

SEO Keyword Research Includes:

♦ List of Manually Selected KW's ♦ Monthly Search Volume ♦ Advertising Competition (On Custom Demand) ♦ User Search Intent ♦ CPC ♦ Return Rate
♦ Click Through Rate (CTR)  ♦ KW's Competition Analysis ♦ Sortable, filterable, and easy to understand excel sheet

Competitor Analysis:
♦  Competitor’s website authority and other metrics ♦  Your Competitor's Top Pages and Organic KW's (By Traffic) ♦  Competitor’s Backlinks analysis
♦ Backlinks of Competitor (Steal your Comp's backlinks!) ♦  Competitor’s Competing Domains


Per Month

Up to 5 Focused Keywords and 250 best relevant Keywords + 1 Competitors Analyzed in Colored Sheet

2 Day Delivery

♦  5 Keywords
♦  1 Competitor Researched


Per Month

Up to 7 Focused Keywords and 350 best relevant Keywords + 3 Competitors Analyzed in Colored Sheet

3 Day Delivery

♦ 7 Keywords
♦  2 Competitor Researched


Per Month

Up to 11 Focused Keywords and 500 best relevant Keywords + 4 Competitors Analyzed in Colored Sheet

5 Day Delivery

♦ 11 Keywords
♦  4 Competitor Researched