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Do you buy in services or grow your own?

Today’s car retailer needs to be a jack of all trades and master of as many as possible. Outsourcing components of the business – from digital marketing and enquiry management to valeting and vehicle transport – is the answer for many dealers. However, there’s obviously a cost, leading others to believe keeping things in-house works best. So what are the pros and cons of each approach?

“Engaging with a telephone answering service can improve dealer profitability while lifting the customer experience. Too many calls are either going unanswered or diverting to an unwelcome answering machine, both during opening times and out of hours. Outsourced overflow support takes the pressure off the reception desk when the receptionist is busy with a customer.”

It is fruitless for dealers to spend money on advertising if they are not converting the leads because they’re missing calls.

Today’s dealership management system (DMS) has become an ERP tool – that’s enterprise resource planning – and is a single, holistic solution for everything done in the dealership. A DIY approach will present challenges, with different systems not talking to each other. “With something like Autoline Drive, customers are paying a monthly fee. That helps cashflow, but also means, because it’s enhanced with monthly releases, all our customers are on the latest version of our software. There’s a broad spectrum of how well a car is valeted and having people experienced in quality-checking means you have a higher level of product coming out of the process when a contractor is doing it


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