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The benefits of vehicle maintenance


Regular vehicle maintenance and servicing is one of the most important, yet headache-inducing areas of fleet management. The expense of vehicle maintenance coupled with having to take your vehicles off the road can wreak havoc for your fleet if not managed correctly. Delay or neglect to service your vehicles and you risk needing major maintenance undertaken in the future and higher vehicle running costs because your cars aren’t running as they should. To mitigate these risks many companies choose to outsource their maintenance through fleet management. We take a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing vehicle servicing to keep your fleet on the road.

Time-saving benefits

  • Getting you back on the road faster – Outsourcing your vehicle maintenance means that your fleet is looked after by a team of experts, who will arrange repairs and complete paperwork and payment swiftly, getting your drivers back on the road quickly. This means minimal productivity losses for your business.
  • Fully managed process from start to finish – The main benefit of outsourcing maintenance for many businesses is the fact that the process is fully managed with minimal involvement from your drivers. This saves both you and your drivers’ time so you can get on with running your business.
  • Consolidated monthly invoice – Rather than your drivers having to pay for maintenance at the point of service, your fleet management company will pay any bills from the workshop. These charges are then included on a consolidated monthly invoice, saving you time when it comes to accounting for your fleet. 
  • Local service – Getting your fleet serviced locally helps to cut down the time it takes for your drivers to drop off and pick up their vehicles. When choosing a company to manage your fleet, look for one that has a wide range of preferred suppliers so you can choose a convenient location for maintenance. 

Cost-saving benefits

  • Big fleet discounts – Fleet management companies are able to negotiate fleet discounts for vehicle maintenance on your behalf, thanks to their large buying power. These discounts allow you to enjoy savings regardless of your fleet size.
  • Work is approved and checked for quality – Your fleet management provider will monitor the quality of any work done, and sign off any quotes before work can begin. This saves you money by avoiding unnecessary work and ensures that any repairs completed are of the highest quality.
  • Maintenance reminders – Email or SMS reminders are sent to your drivers when maintenance is due, so you never miss a vehicle service. Servicing your vehicles regularly keeps your fleet running in optimum condition and may help you avoid more expensive repairs later down the track by catching problems early.
  • Records & reporting – Once any work has been completed, your vehicles records will be updated in your fleet reporting system. This gives you a clear picture of all maintenance completed across your fleet, and will help future resale of your vehicles as all work has been documented.

Final thoughts

Although vehicle maintenance can be a hassle and mean time of the road for your drivers, by keeping your fleet running smoothly you will ultimately save time and money.  By outsourcing your vehicle maintenance to a fleet management company you can reduce the burden on your business and get your drivers back on the road quickly.

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