We believe outsource or offshore legal work:

Our list focuses on offshoring by US and UK law firms and departments of certain substantive and administrative legal functions, specifically

    * Document drafting by lawyers
    * Legal research
    * IP legal work, substantive or administrative
    * Review of discovery documents
    * Paralegal services
    * Administrative and secretarial support services, excluding digital dictation

We do not include offshore litigation support (coding or EED) or vendor-provided technology services. Nor do we include offshore vendors without a specific legal focus. We also cover selected insourcing and domestic outsourcing. Our inclusion criteria are loose but exclude outsourcing to US-based vendors of technology support, legal research, and copy/mail-room services, which has occurred for years and is thus of less interest to us. Our list is neither complete nor comprehensive. We assemble it based on web research, articles we read, people we meet, and e-mail messages we receive. Each entry includes a source. Where the source is a web site, we list the URL, the date we added the site to the list, and the date we last checked the web site.

Our list consists of several tables: vendors that provide LPO services, companies that we believe outsource or offshore legal work, law firms that we believe outsource or offshore work, and organizations previously listed that no longer appear involved in LPO (or appear to be out of business or were acquired).

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