Dashboard reporting tool :

Dashboard reporting refers to the reporting interface that showcases relevant business metrics and KPIs to business users. Here, report managers can see relevant performance data in real-time. On reporting dashboards, key changes are reflected instantly so that action can be executed rapidly. While there is no set format, a typical dashboard with contains visualized spreadsheet-type analysis, like pie charts, bar charts, maps and gauges or performance and progress elements.

KPI dashboard can involve:

  • Web based reporting
  • KPI scorecarding
  • Personalised portal page
  • Data collection in a data mart

24/7/365 access to your dashboard reports

Identifying business opportunities and potential risks requires up-to-the-minute information. Our dashboard reporting software keeps you up-to-date with in-depth business analytics. With online data analysis tools can generate automated reports, monitor your business operations and visualize key performance indicators with instant access to your data whether you are in your office or on the road. Create tables, graphs and diagrams in easy-to-read dashboards. Consolidate your information and automatically send it to your company's sales staff, team leaders and department heads. Create the objective performance overview your management needs as a groundwork to dialogue and potential readjustment on decisions and strategies. After all, the best decisions are always based on the right business intelligence.

With our dashboard reporting tool you can simply specify a date and time in the report scheduler and your reports will be automatically updated and distributed to all selected recipients. You can also define an interval – daily, weekly, monthly – and have your dashboard report sent to key decision-makers in the specified file format (PDF, Excel, etc.). Furthermore, you can share your KPI dashboards via dynamic URLs, too. Dashboard reports will help you in your everyday business thanks to their easy-to-read nature summing up in one glance the data analysis, delivering your insights in a beautiful way that anyone can understand quickly.

Create the dashboard reports that fit your needs by collecting the right data and tracking the right metrics. To do so, you can help yourself with a wealth of KPI examples assembled per industries and functions, as well as compelling dashboard templates that we created according to said specific industries or functions. That way, you have the right data in your hands and keep an eye on it, watching the evolution over time to spot out trends or recurrent patterns. If needed, you can also set up alarms that will let you know every time an irregularity occurs, so that you are directly aware of unexpected event and can quickly act accordingly – instead of being taken by surprise, too late, struggling to face the challenge that arises.

Once all this is done, you can share your dashboards and insights with anyone you want, in just a couple of clicks – a simple URL or an automatic report, the choice is yours. That way, everyone has access to information and is on the same page.

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